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Online Dating In Your 60s

Trying anything new can be scary and that’s never been more true than when it comes to online dating. Whatever your situation, whether you’re divorced, widowed or you’ve always been single but now looking for someone to spend your golden years with, joining a dating site may be the way forward for you.


You may think that online dating is a young people’s game but that couldn’t be further from the trust. Although there are a lot of dating sites aimed at the younger generation, there are a huge number of massively popular dating sites made solely for those in their 50s, 60s and beyond.

Our research has found that the most popular age group for online dating is 50 and up and typically, people in their 60s are more likely to find success on an online dating site. This is because people in this age range are more likely to take their dating experience seriously. You are past the age where you want to play games and you’re more likely to be serious about meeting someone special to spend time with.

If you want to give online dating a try but don’t know where to start why not give Single Over 60s a go? Simply visit, and join for free. Registration is quick, easy and secure. Start your dating journey today.

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