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How To Write a Dating Profile for Senior Singles

If you’re on a senior singles dating website, it can be difficult to write your online profile. As long as you keep it light, friendly and focused on the positive, you’ll find writing about yourself doesn’t have to be as daunting as it first appears. Let’s look at how to approach the writing of your profile in a positive way.


Why Is Your Profile Important?

With so many senior singles looking for love online, your dating profile is important as you will immediately have an advantage over those that don’t have a profile. However, actually writing a profile shouldn’t be daunting or stressful – It should be fun and accurate. The best way to approach it is to think of your profile as a shop window in which you are the product inside. You need to sell yourself without coming across like you are a salesman. You need to give enough information so that your profile is interesting and sticks in the readers’ mind. So with that said, what do you put in your dating profile to improve your chance to find love?

Your Senior Singles Profile

There really is no secret in what to put to improve your chances to find someone. All you need to do is be yourself and for that to come across in your writing style. However, what you can include are your interests and hobbies.

Enjoying an activity that someone else enjoys doesn’t necessarily mean you will both get on like a house on fire but what it does do is allow an ice breaker conversation to occur. A member comes across your profile and notices that you both enjoy horse riding, as an example, they will be more likely to send a message or interact with you knowing you both share the same interest. But try not to just list your hobbies with no context, remember your writing is being studied and the reader is determining whether or not they’re interested in you through the content on your page. Therefore you should try and make it a mixture of witty, funny, and personable (easier than it sounds). All you can do is your best and if you can get yourself across through your profile then you have done your job.

Photos Of You

Your profile consists of two parts; the first part is what we have discussed above, your information and personality coming through your content. The second part is your actual profile pictures to go along with this. The combination of your text and pictures will give the people viewing your profile enough all-round information to know whether or not they are interested enough to take it further. Make sure to upload flattering but realistic images of yourself, basically the best version of yourself. What you should never do is post old images of yourself, eg pictures of you in your twenties in which you look nothing like today. Also, make sure your profile includes photos of you and not of just your pets.

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  1. I am excited to meet someone to spend time with. I live in NH where I have been for the last 40 years. I live alone so I am free to do lots of things. Looking forward to know what you like to do. I am close to the ocean, the mountains and Boston.

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