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How To Take Photos For Online Dating

So you’ve joined an online dating site, set up your profile and maybe sent a message or two. If you’re not getting the attention you deserve it could be that your photos aren’t doing you justice. Here’s how to take the perfect photos for your online dating profile.

Think about what you want to see when you’re browsing an online dating site like Single Over 60s. What makes you stop scrolling down the search results page and click on someone’s profile? Chances are, the profiles you want to click on are clear, well-taken headshots.

Here are some ideas for the perfect photos for your online dating profile…


We understand that you want to use your photos to show off your personality and your hobbies but your first photo should always clearly show your face. Make sure you smile (no one wants to see a passport photo!) and try to make sure the photo you use is as clear as possible. Look directly into the camera and make sure the lighting is flattering. Try to face a natural light source when you take the photo.

Hobby Photos

After your default photo, you can have a bit more fun. If you have a particular hobby and you are looking for a partner with the same interests then upload a photo that shows this off. We’d always recommend making sure you are in the photo though. If you like walking, upload some photos of you on a recent walk. If you love cooking, upload a photo with you and something you’ve cooked or baked recently.

Group Photos

Again, your first photo should always be of yourself only but after that, group photos are fine. Avoid adding any pictures of anyone under the age of 18 and anyone who wouldn’t want their photo shared online. Group photos show that you are a fun and sociable person but it’s important to make it clear to other people who you are and what you look like. This is why we always ask that your default photo is just of you.

Whatever photos you use, make sure the lighting is good and the photo is clear. Look into the camera and smile – everyone looks better when they smile!

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Until next time,

The Single Over 60s Team


  1. I am in my late 80s, I receive enquiries from ladies very much younger which cannot be genuine. I would like enquiries from genuine elderly ladies nearer my age and still fit preferably in Auckland

  2. Hey Brian I’m a younger lady, but I would like a Daddy that I Nerver had. I would like to close my eye on ages , but consantreating, in loving someone. Regardless of age difference!

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