How To Meet Women Over 60
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How To Meet Women Over 60

Online dating in your 60s and beyond can feel like a bit of a minefield. If you’re a single man looking to embark on your next romantic adventure, read our advice on how to meet women over 60…

We understand that in your golden years you don’t want to play games with it comes to finding a relationship. It’s better to be honest with someone rather than leading them on and wasting both of your time. Online dating is becoming increasingly popular with the older generation and generally, mature daters have more success using online dating sites than younger people.

Where Are The Best Places To Meet Women Over 60?

In the past, the best way to meet mature women was at local social clubs and events. Throughout 2020 this wasn’t possible, for obvious reasons and the start of 2021 is looking to be the same. When we return to some sort of normality, however, clubs are a great place to meet single women.

If you meet at an event for people with certain interests it means you will have something to talk about on your first date and avoid any awkward silences. Having something in common is extremely important when dating someone.

Another option is meeting through friends. Again, this has not been possible for the last year or so but dating someone you’ve met through mutual friends is great as you’ll probably know something about them before-hand so it’s not like you’re going to be dating a complete stranger.

How To Meet Women Over 60

The problem with both of these options is that if things don’t work out, it can be awkward. If you date someone from a weekly club, you’ll still need to see them every week. If you date someone that you’ve met through friends it can also cause awkwardness if things don’t end amicably.

What Are The Other Options?

The obvious choice is the internet. That, however, leads to another question… Where should you look?

Social media sites may seem like a good place to look for eligible singles but sites like Facebook and Twitter are not designed with dating in mind. Approaching a stranger on Facebook is extremely unlikely to work. Even if someone is single, when they log into a social media site, they are probably not in the mindset of looking for a date. They just want to scroll through their feed and relax.

The best place to meet women over 60 online is on a dating site like Single Over 60s. It’s free to join and search so join us now and browse local single women near you.

For more online dating advice, such as how to write your dating profile and what to write in your first message, read our recent posts.

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    1. Hi Colin, thanks for getting in touch. What happens when you try to join the site? What is the error message you receive? Thanks, Single Over 60s

  1. hi my name is david I will be 83 this october looking to meet women fro 60 to 80 that still likes doing it, my wife passed away in 1995.

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