Conversation Starters For Online Dating
Online Dating

Conversation Starters For Online Dating

When you start dating online you’ll quickly realise how important your opening message is. You can have the perfect photo and a witty, engaging profile but if you don’t get your opening message right you’ll find you won’t be getting many responses.

As a side note, the very worst thing you can say in a first message is “Hi” and nothing else. Avoid this at all costs. Would you reply to a message that lazy? Probably not… You want to stand out from the crowd and sending a boring opening message is a sure-fire way to not stand out at all.

Here are some of our best conversation starters for online dating.

Conversation Starters For Online Dating

What would be your perfect first date?

This is a great opener as it prompts a reply. It is an easy question to answer but also one that can be elaborated on a lot. Questions are always going to be important in a first message as it shows that you want to engage in a two-way conversation.

Ask a question about their profile

If they say in their profile that their favourite hobby is sky-diving, ask them about this. When did they last go sky-diving? What do they like about it? If it’s a hobby you have too, mention this but don’t make the whole message about you. Be sure to ask a question to encourage them to reply.

If you were given 3 wishes, what would they be?

This is a fun way of getting to know someone better. It’s also fun to reply to which means you’re more likely to get a response. Think about what your wishes would be too as they’ll likely come back at you with the same question. When they reply, ask them follow-up questions about their answers.

Conversation starters for online dating

Are you good at keeping secrets?

Has a question ever been more mysterious and exciting than this? This question is great as it suggests that you may have some juice gossip for them but it also gives them a chance to let you know what they are really like.

These are just a few of our conversation starters for online dating but we know there are loads more. What are your favourite openers? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I would like to meet a lady who lives in the Yeppoon area, to take out to dinner and functions.
    Someone that is a happy person and easy to talk to for company.

  2. I would like to meet a lady that likes the Australian outback and caravanning.
    Someone that is looking for good fun company and easy to talk to.
    Preferably in Yeppoon Qld

    1. Amelia
      I live in Perth recently moved from Sydney.
      Looking for someone to enjoys travel haveing fun discovering new things to get excited about.

    2. Amelia

      My name is peter have recently moved from Sydney to Perth looking for someone who loves travel and discovering new things and places

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